Automotive, Motorcycle & Equipment Restoration

Rust, Paint & Filler Removal for your Auto, Motorcycle and Equipment Restoration Needs is your source for quick, environmentally sensible and cost effective blast removal of automotive rust and paint in Southern and Central Ontario. We offer dry soda and sand blasting as well as wet dustless blasting to efficiently and effectively remove rust, filler, paint and coatings from your vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, equipment and aircraft.

  • Soda blasting gently removes coatings and fillers but is slower than traditional medias and does not remove rust.
  • Sand blasting removes rust, coatings and fillers and is best on steel that doesn’t warp easily.
  • Dustless (wet) blasting removes rust, coatings and fillers without warping or changing dimensions of parts. We use rust inhibitors for complete vehicles.

Vehicle & Trailer Frames, Equipment and Formed Steel Restoration

We efficiently and effectively remove rust, paint, fillers and coatings from vehicles, equipment, truck and trailer frames, undercarriages and any formed steel with our sand and soda blasting services.

Auto Body Parts, Sheet Metal and Fibreglass Restoration

We safely clean and restore auto body parts, sheet metal and aluminum and fiberglass panels without damaging, warping or changing the dimensions of the part. Our wet blast services remove rust, fillers, paint and coatings without dust or heat build up making it great for auto body part restoration, aircraft bodies, motorcycle gas tanks and more.

Vehicle floor boards rust removal by sodablasting
Rust and paint removed from tractor by wet blasting
Rusty truck frame sand blasted clean
Rust and coatings partially removed from vintage car body panels by wet blasting

We also safely remove heavy grime and oxidation from aluminum auto parts and stainless steel with our vapour blasting services.

From vintage cars and motorcycles to trucks, trailers, tractors and tow motors, offers a range of services to suit your automotive and equipment restoration needs.

Location and Rates

Our rates are very reasonable and depend on service provided. We offer shop and mobile services for our industrial or commercial customers. Most of our automotive work is done at our shop located on Hwy 3 between Simcoe and Delhi in SW Ontario. Our 48x42" wet cabinet accommodates parts larger than our competitors. Ship your parts to us, drop them off, or, if time permits, we can blast while you wait. Your source for Mobile Media Blasting & Specialty Cleaning Services in Southern and Central Ontario.

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